• Specification:Thermochromic Liquid new higher quality. This unique liquid allows you to create beautiful nail designs in a short period of time. Thermochromic Liquid has a unique reaction to a temperature just rub your finger over the dry application and watch the colors change. This liquid can be applied evenly over the entire nail bed or used to draw designs as desired. Let it air dry for about 2-5 minutes after application depending on the amount of liquid you apply. The more liquid you apply, the more obvious the thermal color-changing effect will be. The best result is by applying over black or dark base color to achieve the thermal color-changing effect. The colors change at high temperatures, no color-changing effect will occur at low temperatures. The color will be blueish at high temperatures and begins to change to other colors when the temperature drops.

    HOW TO USE: 1. Prep and clean nail surface. 2. Apply base coat, a cure. 3. Apply a layer of black or dark color gel and cure. 4. Apply an even layer of Thermochromic Liquid, and wait for it to dry for 2-5 minutes. 5. For additional enhancement pick your favorite stamping plate and stamp the image on your nail 7. Apply topcoat, a cure.

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Weight 120 g