Retro DIY Glitter Gel is a multi-purpose gel base that you can use as an overlay for natural nails, on top of gel

polish for glitter and added strength, on top of acrylics, or with your hard gel! It is soakable if applied using High Shine as the top and base!

This product self-levels and your glitter creations will stay suspended in the gel, no more mixing is required!!


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Jars come pre-filled with .5oz clear, soakable, self-leveling builder gel

1. Open the jar and drop 1/4 tsp (scoop included) of your favorite glitter in and stir with the spatula included in kit. (double ended brush)

2. To display your glitter gel add a dollop to the circle display on the lid and cure. (not the pot of gel just the lid)

3. Base and Top is a High Shine for the application.

4. Cure each layer 60 seconds in LED.

5. Use a cleanser to remove the tacky layer and finish with escencia oil!

** Gel has a blue tint and is normal, it prevents yellowing and intensifies the bling in the glitter!

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Weight 275 g


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