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Tack Free Formula – Meaning you do not have to use a cleanser that might dull your rhinestone application. RHINESTONE TRAY-LARGE RHINESTONES

Attach flat studs or pointed-back crystals, heavy rhinestones, nail charms, and more.
Typical nail glue may have chemicals that will dull the shine of your nail gems. RHINESTONE LARGE #3A

Jem Jelly Gel leaves a radiant shine!!

Simply cure for 60 seconds in a LED lamp(  LIMITED EDITION HOLOGRAPHIC PINK LED LIGHT )once you have your perfect design.

Sparkly nails are so much fun and they’re so easy to do! To give your nails a little extra shine, pick up some rhinestones and JEM JELLY gel.

WE HAVE lots of tools you can use to pick up individual crystals, so play around to find one that works best for you. You might use tweezers TWEEZERS or a wax-tipped picking pen RHINESTONE PICKER UPPER to pick up a rhinestone and set it in place.

It can help to pour your rhinestones into a small dish or flat plate. This way the tool can push against the surface to pick up the crystal.

Attach larger rhinestones before you apply small rhinestones. This just makes it easier to fill in the gaps between the large crystals with smaller ones.

Our waxed-tipped picking pens have a conical wax tip that you press onto the crystal. The other end has a thin metal point that you can use to position the crystal.

For extra sparkle, use shimmery, glittery  CHAOS GEL POLISH nail polish. You’ll be able to see this under the rhinestones.

Still not sure how to use it? Give us a call!

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