Made with 100% pure Kolinsky sable hair, these brushes are hand-tailored with exact curvature for acrylic nail sculpture.

The medium handle measures 7″ with weight-balancing for easy and accurate control.

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Brushes made of Kolinsky’s hair are widely known to be the finest available, offering spectacular artificial nail-fashioning results.

A “Kolinsky” is a Siberian member of the weasel family with tail hairs that are perfect for brushes for professional nail sculpting.

  • Only the finest materials, master crafted by experts.
  • A great amount of work goes into the creation of each and every brush.
  • Fine brush-making is a true art. Real-gold plated ferrule Tip made of selected Kolinsky hairs gathered specifically for the brush. Brush hairs are carefully mounted in the ferrule.
  • Each brush is custom made to make sure it meet the user’s specifications
  • Made in Germany

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